uabb-device-laptop is built around the niche of dog travel gear.  With pet ownership at an all-time high (and often in lieu of children), you’ll see animals on the go more and more. Whether it be in a stroller, on a leash, in a side-car, or even on mass transport, we’re always looking for better – but stylish – ways to take our pets along for the ride. This site is ready to go with 50 drop ship products from a reliable vendor, but leaves the opportunity for you, as the new owner, to expand into things such as:


Dog Beds | Dog Toys | Contentment Products
Calming Supplements | Grooming-on-the-Go Products has an adorable name and tons of potential!


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Responsive Web Design

Simple Logo (as Shown)

Top-End Domain Name

1-Year of Web Hosting

1-Year GlobalSign SSL Certificate

Beaver Builder Pro

WooCommerce + Plugins

Product Suppliers

Tax & Shipping Rate Configuration

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Why Pet Products?

The majority of households in the United States own at least one cat, one dog, or some of each. Pet ownership is on the rise. Additionally, pet-related purchases have more than doubled in the last decade with no signs of decreasing.

  • •• In 2021, pet owners in the United States spent well over 100 billion dollars on their pets.

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  • •• 38.4% of U.S. households own at least one dog. That's almost 50 million households!

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  • •• 25.4% of U.S. households own at least one cat. That's almost 32 million households!

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  • •• The average household owns 1.6 dogs and 1.8 cats.

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Responsive Web Design


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Simple Logo

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Top-End Domain

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1-Year of Web Hosting


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GlobalSign SSL Certificate


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Beaver Builder Pro

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This sitebuilder software is forever free with our partner web hosting company. 

WooCommerce + Plugins


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Product Suppliers


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Tax & Shipping Configuration


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